The Food Dignity® Project

Challenge the Stigma. Change the Culture. 

The Food Dignity® Project

Everyone is in a powerful position to increase access to healthy food and shape the health of your community.

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Improve access to healthy food for everyone.


Food Dignity® improves access to nutrient rich foods for everyone. 

The Food Dignity® Project provides non-profit leaders, health care professionals, professors, and employers a solution to the issues surrounding hunger. Together, we improve access to a steady supply of nutrient rich food for everyone in your organization or community through an equity-minded approach along with multiple food access points, community partners, and attainable resources.

Benefits of the Food Dignity® Project- Happier and Healthier People

  • Improve health outcomes
  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Improve productivity

The project is a solution for organizations to address the rapidly emerging food insecurity challenges already impacting millions of Americans. As the United States braces for the full socioeconomic impact of the COVID 19 crisis, The Food Dignity® Project, a non-profit, is here to support your company.

The Importance of the Food Dignity® Project

Saves Money

When people do not have access to a steady supply of food they are sick more often, tired, stressed, unhappy and less productive at work costing your organizations thousands of dollars. 

Effective Collaboration

Organizations must find creative ways, through collaboration, to tackle food insecurity. The Food Dignity® Project works closely with your organization to establish an effective network to improve access to healthy food.

Healthy Food Access

The Food Dignity® Project works with your organization to provide FREE healthy food to your employees, students, volunteers, and/or clients. Together, we increase morale, health, and productivity.



Maria Morales, MSN, RN, Director of Clinical Education, Relias

“Clancy Harrison is professional, organized, congenial, and astute! She responds promptly, cares about the quality of a project, and completes her work with enthusiasm. Clancy takes a serious topic, like hunger, and inspires others to be the solution for a real-world issue.”

Erin Coffield, RDN, LDN, National Dairy Council

“If anyone can help us gain momentum to overcome food insecurity in America it is Clancy Cash Harrison! She challenges conventional thinking and pushes us to help make a difference by removing stigma and adding a healthy dose of humanity so everyone in America can get the nourishment they deserve.”

René Yamashiro, American Pistachio Growers

“Clancy illuminates a silent and major crisis that impacts millions of people in the United States- limited access to healthy food. She provides practical strategies and encourages us be a resource to improve food accessibility.”

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