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Clancy Cash Harrison, founder of the Food Dignity Project, dissects a negative comment she received over social media. Someone remarked on knowing if a person needs food or not. She asks some very important questions to consider.

About Clancy Cash Harrison:

As the founder of the Food Dignity Project, a registered dietitian, TEDx speaker, international speaker, and author, Clancy Harrison challenges the way food insecurity is approached in the US. Her mission to demolish the stigma around healthy food access places her on the cutting edge of advocacy.  

What if you knew something different? Watch this video to get the answers.

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Our bias affects how we show up for those in need. Judgement reduction expert Alicia Nordstrom shares all on Food Dignity Podcast episode. She asks us to explore our biases, control them, and reduce their impact on how we think, give and act.

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