Food Dignity® Consulting

Improve access to healthy food for everyone.

Improve access to healthy food for everyone.

Food Dignity® Consulting

Clancy Harrison is the creator of the Food Dignity® Project, which has forever changed the conversation around health and wellness in the United States. She works with top organizations to heighten their voice around food justice, food access, food security, and food waste. Her hyper-practical strategies propel her clients toward profitability through a variety of services based on individual needs and goals.

The Food Dignity® Project is a roadmap to secure access to healthy food with dignity. As the United States and world braces for the full socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, The Food Dignity® Project, is a solution to meet the corresponding, rapidly emerging food insecurity crisis. According to Feeding America, 47% of Americans live with food insecurity as a result of our current economic crisis.

Without an equity-minded approach to address the social, economic, and environmental ramifications of people with food insecurity, we will continue to perpetuate poor health outcomes. During the pandemic (and beyond), rising rates of food insecurity, coupled with chronic disease and increased health care costs, will only serve to further devastated our local communities, companies, and our overall local economy.   Food Dignity® fosters a sense of pride in oneself while asking for help during a difficult time and eradicates the internal and external shame associated with poor food access. 

How Clancy Helps Organizations:

  • Heighten food security awareness and expand access to healthy food.

  • Elevate product and services above the competition. 
  • Develop stakeholder trust and establish massive credibility with consumers. 

The Food Dignity® Project works with organizations, companies, non-profits, healthcare providers, and universities to establish a unique approach to healthy food access with the people they serve in the community. Each project is individually tailored to meet the demands, challenges, and constant changes during this uncertain time.
The project provides valuable professional and personal development for everyone in your organization. Your team will develop a keen understanding of what food insecurity is and how to work toward community-wide Food Dignity®. They will develop their ability to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships, and create a sustainable blueprint and toolkit to implement with ease.

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