Healthy Food Access

Improving healthy food access for everyone is our number priority. We believe access to healthy food is a basic human right and work with your organization to revamp your approach to nutrition education, worksite wellness, and community outreach.

While food insecurity is related to poor food access, it isn’t always the cause. There are a variety of reasons a person can have poor food access. Barriers that contribute to poor access to healthy food include:

  1. Transportation
  2. Location of the grocery store
  3. Type of grocery stores
  4. Ability to cook or prepare food based on skill level, physical ability, age, and mental ability
  5. National crisis
  6. Food shortages

Why is Food Dignity important?

Unfortunately, 59% of households with food insecurity participated in at least 1 of the 3 major federal food assistance programs (SNAP, School Feeding Programs, WIC). Most people do not reach out for help during a temporary hardship or difficult time for a variety of reasons. Many people do not know about the programs or if they qualify for the programs. Some people do not know how to apply for the programs. As mentioned, stigma and shame play a major role as well.

Food dignity busts through the barriers associated with healthy food access. It shapes food empathy in our culture so that people who need help are supported, honored, validated, and respected during a difficult time. Misconceptions based on perceptions and privileges become the past. Food Dignity begins with us- our mindsets and ability to create trust.

Everyone is in a powerful position to positively influence the health and wellness of your patients, employees, clients, and community. Together, we can put improve the health of our community and improve access to healthy food. A cultural shift to normalize and dignify food healthy food access relies on the conscious and intentional action to energize others. To create a mindset shift, we must change the current conversation around hunger and food insecurity. 

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