About the Podcast

Lauren Gorney has been on both sides of the food charity fence. She speaks of "living the life," only to need food assistance after losing her job. Her experiences give her courage to own her worth regardless of her circumstances and surrender preconceived notions about receiving food aid.


Her #1 tip to improve access to healthy food:

If you choose to donate to a food bank or food pantry, think about giving items that you would want for yourself and your children.

About Lauren Gorney, MS:

Lauren Gorney is a lifelong resident of the Wyoming Valley and two-time Alumna of Misericordia University graduating in ’12 and ‘19. She is the owner of Grassroots, a small business development initiative and proud fur mom to her Pitbull, Bogie. 

Discussion Takeaways:

  • You cannot eat a house. You cannot eat a car. It takes time to liquidate a house and car. Yet, if you own these items and struggle to feed yourself and family, you might not qualify for food assistance you desperately need.

  • The stigma is real. Even though Lauren fought hunger, she still passed judgment on those who needed food assistance. She didn’t recognize her bias until she had to accept food help for herself.
  • Food insecurity is not just about consistent hunger pains. It’s the stress and fear around running out of food before the next paycheck or not having enough money to buy healthy food regularly.
  • We are ALL one situation from experiencing hunger.
  • Do you listen when the Universe speaks to you?
  • Talk about your story to help limit the stigma associated with food assistance programs.
  • Stop putting people in boxes and making sweeping generalizations about them.
  • People receiving food help go over so many hurdles. They don’t need your judgement to be another stumbling block.

Also, remember that sharing is caring