About the Podcast: 

Nikki Nardell, the founder of The Helper Project, talks about her personal experiences with food insecurity and dealing with life-changing adversity, or as she puts it, “Having it all to living back in her parents’ basement.” Getting through this experience motivates her to give back.



Nikki Nardell



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Her #1 tip to improve access to healthy food:

Helping isn’t a set amount of time. It isn’t a date on your calendar. If you look for it, you will see it everywhere.

About Nikki Nardell:

Nikki Nardell is a writer, volunteer, and over-caffeinated mother of 4. She is also the founder of The Helper Project on Instagram.

Discussion Takeaways:

  • Instead of judging someone about food assistance, consider it an opportunity to help another person…an opportunity to provide nourishing food for a child or a family.
  • You don’t know the role you play in someone else’s life. Every time you meet someone you have the ability to change their life.
  • What character do you play in someone’s life?
  • There is no deed to small.
  • Helping is different than volunteering. You don’t have to volunteer to help someone.
  • Helping is also choosing not to judge someone, comment on their supposedly poor behaviors, or post negatively on social media.
  • Before acting or talking, consider if it is helping or hurting.
  • Helping people can become part of who you are in life.
  • A smile can turn someone’s day around.
  • If you have a hunger story, share it. It will change lives.
  • Normalizing food assistance and talking about our hunger stories will allow others to be less ashamed of needing help.

Also, remember that sharing is caring