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TEDx speaker and founder of The Food Dignity Project Clancy Cash Harrison shares her biggest fear as a volunteer at a large food pantry in Pennsylvania, and it isn’t what you would expect!



Clancy Harrison



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Her #1 tip to improve access to healthy food:

People should come take advantage of the food pantry before they are struggling or in-debt.

About Clancy Harrison:

As a registered dietitian, TEDx speaker, international speaker, and author, Clancy Harrison challenges the way food insecurity is approached in the US. Her mission to demolish the stigma around healthy food access places her on the cutting edge of advocacy.  

Clancy is the founder of the Food Dignity® Project, a strategic program for leaders who want to shift how they approach nutrition outreach by making healthy food access a priority. She transforms the lives of thousands of people through her work with corporations, non-profit organizations, and universities.

 Currently, Clancy is an advisory board member for the Pennsylvania American Academy of Pediatrics Food Insecurity EPIC program, Ambassador of the National Dairy Council, and the President of the Al Beech West Side Food Pantry.  Since the onset of COVID-19 Clancy has distributed nearly 1 million meals in her community to improve access to healthy food through effective collaborations.

Discussion Takeaways:

  • As the head of a food pantry, Clancy’s fear of running out of food can take her to her knees.
  • An even bigger fear is that after the vaccine, we all forget that people will have been out of work for months, won’t know if they can get their job back, or people might be holding on by a string because they used their lifesavings during the pandemic.
  • The more we can normalize food assistance and any sort of assistance program, the more people can reach out to get the help they need without shame.
  • If you have any suggestions to remind people that hunger does not have a vaccine, that this issue will last much longer than after the appearance of the COVID19 vaccine, email Clancy with your ideas. Also, if you have a question that you want Clancy to answer, we would love to feature it on a Candid Clancy episode. Reach her at clancy@clancyharrison.com.

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