About the Podcast:

Suzy DeYoung, the founder of La Soupe, shares her best practices as a chef in the fight against hunger. She talks about passion driving her purpose, and you don’t want to miss the story that changed the approach to her work. She also shares great resources to save you money while minimizing your food waste at home.



Suzy DeYoung



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Her #1 tip to improve access to healthy food:

There is dignity in the power of food choice.

About Suzy DeYoung:

Suzy DeYoung is a chef with a deep culinary heritage. After studying French and business at University of Cincinnati and training as a chef in Paris, she ran a successful catering business, La Petite Pierre, with her sister. Today, Suzy is Executive Director of La Soupe, a nonprofit that rescues wasted produce from grocery stores, prisons, farms, and other purveyors to create delicious and highly-nutritious meals for schools and community agencies throughout Cincinnati.

Discussion Takeaways:

  • Clancy is a dietitian, author, a recovering food elitist, the president of a food pantry and founder of the Food Dignity Project®.
  • This podcast explores stories of hunger fighters, popular misconceptions, and food racism. Clancy will talk to people who live or have lived in real-life hunger experiences. She will discuss the national anti-hunger programs. Anything that provides insight to the concept of food dignity concept, she will tackle it.
  • The podcasts guests are inspiration to others educators, professors, storytellers, healthcare providers, non-profit leaders, corporate executives and survivors. She wants to lift up the hidden voices of hunger.
  • She wants to challenge her perceptions, misconceptions, and judgements. Because guess what? She judges. The fact is, we all judge. The question becomes, what do we do with that judgement? Do we carry it with us, or do we take a step back to learn about and explore it?
  • Conversations will cause all listeners to take a step back; ask questions; challenge what the thought they knew about themselves, others, and about hunger.
  • Who Clancy sees in her food pantry are people just like you and me. She sees people who lost their jobs, are working multiple jobs without enough pay to support their family, veterans, elderly who have slipped through the cracks of society, people who have a diagnosis like diabetes and cancer, and more.
  • Hunger can be defined by the physical pain of not having something to eat. Food insecurity is when people worry about running out of food before their next paycheck. This looks like only having $50 to shop for food for the week. In this case, a family may have to resort to affordable, not-so-healthy options. Eating like this causes malnourishment, fear and hunger pains.

  • The purpose of this podcast is to challenge the stigma and change the culture with dignity.
  • Over the next decade, Clancy wants to seek meaningful conversations that unleash more empathy and compassion in herself and others…in our families...in our country...around the world.

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