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Episode 52: Felicia Stoler

Registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, consultant, and TV and multi-media star Dr. Felicia Stoler talks about her experience with food insecurity as an advocate but also as someone who lived it. She shares how helping a family in need impacted her and changed her perspective. Plus, you don’t want to miss her tips on how to connect with your elected officials to create the change you want to see in this world.

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Episode 51: Rick Burnette, MS

Rick Burnette, co-founder and Technical Director of Cultivate Abundance, discusses “food solidarity” with us. His non-profit strives to feed food insecure, immigrant farm workers. The amount of money these workers make depends on how much they can pick. How many tons of tomatoes per day do they need to harvest to receive minimum wage? Listen to find out. The answer will surprise you.

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Episode 48: Kimmie Singh, MS, RDN

Kimmie Singh is a Registered Dietitian based in New York City. In this episode, she calls on health professionals to acknowledge food insecurity, among other lifestyle factors, to treat the whole patient. She tells all, from her secrets for treating eating disorders to outlining the basics of the Health at Every Size approach.

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