Improve access to healthy food for everyone.

Improve access to healthy food for everyone.

Maria Morales, MSN, RN, Director of Clinical Education, Relias

“Clancy Harrison is professional, organized, congenial, and astute! She responds promptly, cares about the quality of a project, and completes her work with enthusiasm. Clancy takes a serious topic, like hunger, and inspires others to be the solution for a real world issue.”

Erin Coffield, RDN, LDN, National Dairy Council

“If anyone can help us gain momentum to overcome food insecurity in America it is Clancy Cash Harrison! She challenges conventional thinking and pushes us to help make a difference by removing stigma and adding a healthy dose of humanity so everyone in America can get the nourishment they deserve.”

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René Yamashiro, American Pistachio Growers

“Clancy illuminates a silent and major crisis that impacts millions of people in the United States- limited access to healthy food. She provides practical strategies and encourages us be a resource to improve food accessibility.”

Ryan Leckey, WNEP-TV (ABC), Producer/Host

“Clancy’s credibility and knack to think on the fly while explaining various nutrition guidelines is beyond measure. She’s incredibly reliable. I know when I need someone who viewers respect and can relate to, one phone call to Clancy and it’s done!”

Mary Lynn Botts, Alabama Hunger Summit

“Clancy’s challenged our clients to consider their assumptions, misconceptions and prejudices toward those in need. Clancy combines facts, statistics and personal stories to drive home her points and to motivate us into action. She shares herself in such a way that you relate and wants to be her friend. Her passion to bring dignity to food insecurity inspires us to want to do the same.”

Meg Rowe, Delegate Of The Academy Of Nutrition & Dietetics

“Clancy’s education, experience, and dedication has brought attention to food insecurity and lit the path to the development of programs that really work.”

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