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Improve access to healthy food for everyone.

Improve access to healthy food for everyone.


Food Dignity® Project was born of a belief for a healthier future. The Food Dignity® community has been dignifying access to nourishing food for millions of people in the United States since 2016.

Now, we are partnering with companies who strive for progress and a better future—through creation, inspiration, and collaboration. Together, we improve access to nourishing food for everyone at all times.

Our Story

As the president of the Al Beech West Side Food Pantry in Kingston, PA, the Food Dignity® Project founder, Clancy Harrison witnessed the truth about hunger. Her experience challenged many of her presumptions, and gave her an entirely new outlook on what hunger is like in the United States. 

Wanting to help and provide a solution, she created the Food Dignity® Project, a process to illuminate the hidden health care crisis in the United States through communication, outreach, collaboration, and program development. What began as a simple idea has evolved into a powerful platform that addresses food access and advances health outcomes around the world!

The reality is that most individuals who end up in situations of food insecurity are hard workers in unexpected, temporary situations. Sudden life changes, like job loss, pregnancy, a medical emergency, or the death of a family member can place people in financially difficult positions at the drop of a hat.

This is why Clancy believes that if we are serious about ending hunger (and obesity), we must collectively shift the way we approach access to healthy food in the United States and food insecurity.

Whether you’re an employer, healthcare organization, non-profit organization, or an educational institution, if you’re trying to improve the health of your employees, the way you connect to people is essential.

In our work, we witness many organizations overlook a person’s access to food. Instead, they jump into nutrition education and tell people what they should eat. This deprives employees of feelings of dignity and self-reliance, and ends up pushing away individuals who are deeply in need of help.

As a consultant, our team will guide you to make shifts in both attitude and engagement. We will help you to dignify food access, and to offer nutrition education that makes your employees feel empowered about their health instead of hopeless. You’ll see positive results that start with your organization and employees, directly affect your clients, and ripple out to your entire community.

As a speaker, Clancy energize audiences as much as she educates them. Nutrition is a subject that feels confusing and stressful to pretty much everyone, no matter what socioeconomic class you belong to. Moreover, we know that hunger is a nonsensical epidemic in our society, even if we haven’t experienced it ourselves. Food insecurity relates to all people in one way or another. Clancy’s keynotes are intended to inspire people from all walks of life to take action in solving this problem—and she has plenty of solutions!

Clients and colleagues say our advocacy work is contagious. Clients have called us a “precision hitter,” who “roll up our sleeves and goes deep into the trenches.” We never consult from behind a desk or a computer. We allow both passion and experience to guide us, and every time we take on an opportunity to serve, teach, or consult, the end result is something brand new.

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